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Social Insurance in Japan

Japanese law stipulates that all entities conducting business in Japan must be registered with the Social and Labor Insurance Agency. In addition, there are treaties between Japan and specific countries that must be considered when foreign staff are relocated to Japan. For instance, the Japan-U.S. Social Security Totalization Agreement (Oct. 2005), the Japan-Belgium Social Security Totalization Agreement (Jan. 2007), or the Japan-France Social Security Agreement (June 2007), are treaties which make it possible to combine pension plans between Japan and other countries. It is therefore important for foreign companies to be informed about country-specific regulations and treaties, in order to correctly manage Japanese Social Insurance matters.

At Tokyo Consulting Group, a dedicated Japan Social Insurance department features specialists who work solely on assisting customers with matters specific to Japanese social insurance laws and regulations. For instance, we assist our clients with registration, benefits application filing, labor disputes, health insurance, pension, and other areas of social insurance in Japan.

Whether it is accompanying our customers on a regular basis, or providing one-time consulting services, we have the necessary resources to assist our foreign customers and help the establishment and development of their business in Japan.