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Outsourcing in Japan

Tokyo Consulting Group, with its independent human resources department, constantly aims to be the best at satisfactorily matching employers and employees for its customers' outsourcing needs in Japan. We believe that the success of a company is always linked to the quality of its human resources. Tokyo Consulting Group employees are experienced with such human resources challenges, and can thus provide insightful analysis and advice to its customers. In addition to these challenges, cultural natural differences can often hinder the human resources qualities of a company. For instance, the recruitment of international staff in Asian countries might result in issues that would be unexpected for inexperienced companies. Through its extensive Asian presence and long-lasting international experience, Tokyo Consulting Group is fully equipped to proactively handle such issues. This ability has been extremely useful to our customers when starting - or planning to start - their business abroad, as it allows us to provide them with high-quality outsourcing services in Japan.

Temporary Employment (Permit No : Han13-301254)

The majority of Tokyo Consulting Group's staff, whether temporary or permanent, is highly experienced in at least accounting, taxation, or labor, in different types of industries. Moreover, all members of staff are trained as management leaders, with a strong emphasis on quality of communication skills. Our employees communicate in English daily, and are capable enough to use English in a professional context.

In addition to introducing professional staff to companies in Japan, Tokyo Consulting Group also outsources employees in foreign countries regardless of industries. Working environments are different in every country, and it may not be an easy task for foreign companies to hire employees. Tokyo Consulting Group's outsourcing services are quality-based. Hence, both employees' and employers' needs are met with the highest levels of satisfaction that eventually leads to value creation.

Thus, our employees are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and specialized experience that is necessary when offering outsourcing services in Japan. But most importantly, Tokyo Consulting Group is comprised of consultants who share, respect, and dedicate themselves to clients' views and objectives, thus assuring a constantly high-quality service.