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Why doing Business in Japan?

A Sophisticated Market

Japan is the 3rd ranking GDP in the world. Japan's GDP is about 500 trillion yen. 52 companies out of the "Fortune Global 500" have their HQ in Japan.

Business-Friendly Infrastructure

Japan's business infrastructure was highly rated in the World Economic Forum's "The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017." Japan was ranked in the 2nd in "The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017."Japan was evaluated on business network and quality of company operation/strategy.

A Comfortable Living

Japan is a country where you can live safely and pleasantly. Japan is famous as a safe and peaceful country. In the "Global Peace Index 2016",Japan was ranked in 1st in asia. And also in the "Safe Cities Index 2015",Tokyo was raked in the 1st and Osaka was ranked in the 3rd among major 50 cities in the world

Regulations on Business in Japan

Regulations on Business in Japan

Japan's foreign capital regulations are regulations based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and those regulations based on the other Business Law.

Under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Law, when foreign investors acquire shares etc. of unlisted companies and when the investment ratio becomes 10% or more by acquiring shares of a listed company, they are obliged to report in advance or to report afterwards.

In addition, although post-mortgage reporting is sufficient for most industries in the investment from 163 countries such as the United States, Europe, etc., post-moneys report is required, Prior notification is necessary for retained industries such as industry.